Christine was born to be an artist and author in an amplified sacred oak grove, at the gilt-edge of mystery, under a vast night sky of twinkling constellations, luminous moons and sparkling planets. Secretly tucked within the hallowed woodland was a venerable living stone circle that murmured, chanted and sung Christine into being as she emerged, circled, earthside, already fiercely independent and possessing an excellent memory. She was watched over by the huntress Diana - goddess of the moon, birthing, and wild animals - who ensured Christine was well endowed with exceptional instinct and remarkable intuition, making her highly attuned to the vibration of others. It was autumn, the time of thin veils between worlds, which enhanced her powers of communication, observation and unconditional love. 

As a dynamic young girl with a peculiar aura of sacredness, Christine routinely summoned all the deep love she was mistress of and befriended every creature she met. The buffalo, deer and polar bears were especially drawn to her and she to them, so much so that they would carry her, talk with her, and protect her always with their unique enchantments and particular charms. They were her closest allies and guides and one year, as Christine’s favorite season of Winter approached, they gathered a Solstice bounty for her.   Collectively they gifted Christine with quills, ink, and the fine paper a writer needs, as well as the tools to support her in her avid explorations, adventures and travels, which included a compass, maps, a scope, and a pocket knife. She kept these precious tools given by her familiars within a medicine pouch made of finely woven silver and gold threads spun from nettle and flax.

Never one to sit still for long and with many creative projects begging to be birthed, Christine’s innate wanderlust soon tugged her fourth chakra heart strings and lured her willingly toward all corners of the earth in search of pleasure, beauty, inspiration and knowledge. Defying conventionality she danced off, roaming and rambling, but not before her favored and fierce totem animals, always her champions, gifted her a blue opal and amazonite crystal amulet to wear as a protective talisman, to amplify the full expression of her passionate heart and to remember them by. This out-and-out, flawless, ideal gift, and the generosity of their lavish hearts had such a galvanizing influence on Christine that ever after she naturally but diligently cultivated her gifting love language, honing it down, and to this day amongst those fortunate enough to know her, she is considered the ultimate magnanimous gift giver, offering her unselfish heart and copious love with each present she indulgently offers.  And finally, she was utterly ready, and she set off well equipped, through a field full of dew wet clover and strawberry flowers that drooped like damp wings and she never looked back. 

Christine Mason Miller has been an author, artist and engineer of creative spaces since 1995. Her mission to inspire has provided the foundation for a body of work that has generated seven figures in retail sales through commercial illustration, licensing, gallery shows and three books. She has organized countless retreats and gatherings with some of the community's leading visionaries and change-makers - creating spaces, environments and circles that have inspired transformative healing, visionary collaborations and passionate artistic expression. Find out more about her work and adventures right here.

Needless to say, we found one another in flawless right time. And it’s not lost on us how blessed, lucky, and fortunate we are, how rich, embellished, and enhanced each of our lives are because of each other.  We want this for you too. Together, today, we - Christine, Jen and Jennette - through introspection, divination, and reflection, have taken what Spirit has gifted us with, heeding our elders, mentors and guides, and explored what we might give back in return for all the beauty She has bestowed on us. Letting our curiosity and intuition escort us, and needing restoration and retreat as much as anyone experiencing our cultures quickening chaotic pace, we offer Wild Roots & Sacred Wings as a portal, out of linear time and space, to reconnect to ourselves and each other in intriguing and spectacular settings. 

Are you one of us…part of our tender rabble of merry misfit ladybirds, our karmic magical swarm, floating in on gossamer wings from the four directions, medicine pouch needing a refill, desiring recharging, hands longing to manifest a creative and visual self-expressive narrative to heal your patched heart and soul? Come sit by the fire loves, cocooned in friendship with a coven of imaginative, inspired, luminescent butterflies, relax or get wild, lay your sweet head down and rest, or create and explore, sing a song with the rest of us welcoming fireflies. Bring your Wild Roots and Sacred Wings. You belong here.