Jen was born a maverick ceremonialist, in a crystal embellished court of shamanistic faeries and shape shifting sprites, under a cosmic magic mushroom near the base of a celestite cave where she nursed on watermelon sugar and the nectar of violets. Watched over by the majestic Hecate, the keeper of crossroads, portals, fire, animals, the moon, magic and plants, Jen was infused with a distinctive air of diplomacy, peacekeeping, partnership and harmony that the mystic goddesses’ presence bestowed on her.  Also born near the thinning of the veils, Jen was attuned to the energetic, magnetic, and magical pulsations of the cosmos, continually seeding  in others how to act kindly, fairly, and cleverly in all situations - all the time, every time, no questions, period. She was born an air sign, a natural courageous communicator, always willing and eager to activate her 5th chakra, reflecting beauty and admiration as she lived her life always sticking up for others, soothing and calming those feeling left out, and forever having the perfect right-timed whisper of love and comfort to those in need. All creatures - human, animal and otherwise - longed and yearned to be near Jen, the lightcatcher, for her love was all encompassing and gifted to every soul she met, leaving a lingering wake of desire and pride in all she crossed paths with forever more. 

Jen’s profound intelligence, wholehearted instinct, and breezy, easygoing charm led her in later years as her passion and zeal for excitement, new situations, adventure and the unusual shook her summer loving soul and seduced the globe traipsing wanderer burning within her. Ever peaceful, graceful, and enthusiastic, Jen set off with the blessing of her spirit guides, horse and black panther, who spellcast auras of fierce protection, awareness and wild freedom all about her to keep her safe and sound. Where these august creatures would always be with her in spirit, she would among her travels and seeking encounter fascinating otherworldly toads, supernatural slinky felines, and a particularly stunning and sensational indigo bunting that’d perch atop her talisman laden walking staff and regale her with humorous and good-natured tall tales, expanding the horizons of her mind and keeping her company as her view of the wide open world bloomed and transformed before her very eyes. 

From this point on the full expression of Jen’s soul flourished and swelled whenever and wherever she could offer ritual and ceremony to her beloveds. She is a relationship master of the highest caliber and she willing bands her heart to herofferings of inclusion, cultured and refined beauty, and luxurious laughter and comic relief. She greets the morning star with a diffuse joy, sensuality and awareness that spreads throughout the tangible world and engages a process of unfolding and unfurling for all who are lucky enough to flow within her realm. Jen is compelled and determined to make every second a sacred moment in time and her tenacious creativity and intense steadfast love for a sister allows one to experience this magic first hand in her assemblage and gathering of women, like a mosaic of mandalas, each one beauty filled but enhanced by one another. Words of love and belonging fall from her lips and her headdress is made of stardust and moonbeams. She is magic through and through

Jen Gray - co-creator of Animyst and nature-based coach - is deeply passionate about bringing people together to encourage  connection, self-reflection, spiritual exploration. She creates environments that nurture, expand, and heal, and works with others to create space for soulful and inspiring experiences. Her approach is gentle, receptive, collaborative and inclusive. She is a wild sister, doing the work right next to you with grace and an open heart. A fierce advocate for everything beautiful and wise, Jen believes the most important things happen when we experience the welcome of belonging and safety of knowing we are not alone. Follow her inspiring endeavors right here.