Jennette was born in a moss covered shed, on a bluff overlooking the sea, above a sensuously salty kelp bed, on the edge of an enchanted swamp water meadow, across from a hot desert prairie opening to an aromatic orchard of blood oranges with a vast and nimble root system that emanated the scent of Beltane fire smoke in the dead of winter. She was hungry, and a little bit naughty, maybe even mercurial, but free as a bird and that suited her perfectly. She suckled on marigold honey and was an exquisite tomboy, sultry and sun kissed, with the soft peach fuzz of a baby bunny, her fierce blue-green eyes shaded by her long golden lashes. She told time by the movement of father sun and mother moon, her brothers and sisters the stars of the Milky Way, a map written in the twilight of her veins.    

As Jennette grew, her desire to make all the things was cultivated and she found it a way to heal her tumbled heart when the going got rough, for rugged it certainly got, but she had a makerlust that wouldn’t quit her so she honored that impulse and made beautiful things with her hands, inspired by her nomadic heart and saltwater soul. This quelled her ravaged psyche, restored her vitality and allowed her equilibrium forever more. She was effervescent in her feral freedom and found the challenge to shimmy through portals of self-love and acceptance, and climb ladders to the cumulus and rainbows, not the easiest tasks but so well worth it that she would do it over and again, as long as it took, to experience that pulsating rush of ecstasy, the climax of becoming her own beloved.  

The vagabond wanderer that resided within Jennette’s untamed earth-witch spirit finally had its way with her, nudging her gently toward pilgrimage into the vast and glorious world to rendezvous with her ambrosial sisters. But before she left, shegrounded herself in the wise woman ways of cauldron and hive, meeting her green plant allies in herbal medicine making and studying swiftness with the wild horses that materialized constantly in her dreams, begging her to ride bareback and leap through the forest and over streams, wind whipping through her tangled flower laden braids. With hummingbird, hare and honeybee as her guides, each endowing her with a cobweb, a seed and a key, Jennette invoked a summoning incantation of protection as she prepared to seek and explore. The ties of affection and respect that had been woven between them, a cobbled lattice of alliance by generous mutual acts of kindness, carried her from then on out.

Jennette Nielsen is a Pacific Northwest-based Maker, Mama, and Medicine Woman. She is a wild seeker, sacred gatherer and magic forager. She’s the visionary behind Make-to-Mend, Smashing Rubbish and Caldron and Hive - three creative expressions of her passion for healing, transformation, beauty and the divine feminine. Fueled by the belief that the practice and act of Making is a catalyst for Mending and unfurling personal growth, Jennette hopes every woman will thread their needle with soul sinew and stitch their own wild and free nature into their mending, marveling at their own beauty all the while. Learn more about her journeys right here.