May 5 - 9, 2016  ::  New Orleans, Louisiana

"There are a lot of places I like, but I like New Orleans better."
-Bob Dylan

that's a wrap!

Thank you to all the sisters who joined us in the Big Easy this year - what a journey! 

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Can you hear it? Her low-lit, husky, bluesy serenade?  She’s seductively calling to you - whispering your name on her tantalizing river breeze, beckoning you, "Come to me, come to me."   She generously shares with you a provocative springtime feast for your senses, tactile yet hypnotic; her offerings are charmed adventures laced with spirit-filled mystery and magic. She is the sacred and the profane.  And we will revel in her...


4 nights at a colorful, SPACIOUS private dwelling in the heart of the French Quarter - a space we are THRILLED to share with you.


A cozy, semi-private dinner at the Mosquito Supper Club our first night in the Big Easy - a uniquely delicious introduction to all the goodness we have in store for you.


We'll also have morning beverages available each day, and all other meals will be of your choosing. We're eager to guide you in the right direction with our scrumptious list of curated dining possibilities. We've been scoping out our favorite spots for a long while now and know firsthand what will enliven your taste buds the most!

Daily creative activities, projects and guided discussions, all facilitated and held by your guides, interspersed with adventurous explorations throughout the city. We tap into the soul of New Orleans - its mystery, magic and beauty.

Goodies, surprises and gifts - our favorite part of these gatherings!

"When I first learned that these ladies were planning one of their magical retreats in the city of my dreams I knew immediately I had to go, so I packed up my wild roots and took to my sacred wings and crossed the Atlantic for the first time in my life.
 Every day was a new wonder to hit my senses and be stored away as treasured memories. I can still hear the music, taste of Cajun spices. The most memorable magic was woven by soul sisters Jennette, Christine and Jen. They are each inspiring all on their own, but when they get together it is chemistry and light and beauty."
 {Lisa Wright, Northampton, UK}

Many women tell us they are eager to experience New Orleans, but don't know where to begin. This is why we've chosen New Orleans as one of our gathering places, because we believe New Orleans has a uniquely feminine spirit that we are eager to share with you. After repeated visits and explorations, we've mapped out a unique array of possibilities in order to provide you with an authentic, off-the-beaten-path - yet safe - experience of a city that never fails to charm, enchant and inspire.


You belong here if the idea of channeling the wild side of your creative yearnings makes your heart skip a beat and you're eager for a bit of daring-do - a bicycle ride under the stars, an enchanted exploration on foot, a deep-dive into your senses.

You belong here if you're ready to resurrect your inner adventurer - to let your richly complex curiosity and unbound intuition meld together against a backdrop of the mysterious, briny, jazzy, sparkly, energetic, gritty, unfathomable terrain that is New Orleans.

You belong here if your bio-rhythm shifts to a more vibrant nocturnal dial when you coven with a merry band of misfits, allowing you to enjoy late night music and bright-eyed gallivanting.

You belong here if your wanderlust longings are ready to spring into action and tap into your energetic Alive-ness - to roam, dance, devour, taste, create, feast, unearth, uncover, and howl at the moon.



The creation of a safe, intimate space to share your most deeply-held dreams, visions and longings.

Support, tools and encouragement to create and expand a life of meaning and full personal expression.

Experiences to awaken your curiosity, enliven your spirit, and feed the wild sparks of your intuition. 


Connection, community, sisterhood

Adventure, exploration, intuition

Mystery, magic, enchantment