September 29 - October 3, 2016  ::  Ojai, California

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In Ojai, our intentions and attentions are all about the circle - about women sitting together, working with their hands and creating beautiful objects, all being guided by the longings of our spirit and soul. In years past, we've sat side-by-side while making Permission Ships, sage wands, medicine bundles and weavings. We have also kept the specifics of our planned activities under wraps until the day our retreats begin, wanting to honor the mystery and magic of it all.

This year, we've decided to pull back the curtain, just a wee bit, and share what we have in store for you. Our theme for 2016 is about...

sacred botanical adornments

Beads made with rose petals,

Feathers and violets in our hair,

Verdant folkloric headdresses,

Luxurious textiles dyed with the likes of

Indigo, yarrow, logwood and marigold.

Imagine a creative journey that calls forth your wisest, strongest, most extraordinary self, one that encourages you to unleash and fully embody her fierce spirit.

Envision taking this adventure within an intimate circle of sisterhood, where your senses will be enlivened at every turn. We bring in herbal teas, infused waters, arboreal palo santo spritzers, root and resin incense mixes from across the Atlantic. We offer lavender and mugwort, for sweet dreams to carry you through the deep dark of winter, like seeds in the belly of mama earth, safe and full of possibility.

We can't wait to SEE YOU.

"We began each circle with a call to gratitude and were asked to express it in one word. I couldn’t find just one – how can you sum up sisters that see you when you show up, leaders that guide in the most loving and ceremonial of ways, food that nourishes your mind, body and spirit, a location so beautiful it takes your breath away, and space to be and do whatever you need to care for yourself?
So the word I offered in gratitude over and over again was, “everything.” Everything. Everything."
{Laurie Jacobsen, Tucson, AZ}


Four nights at a private retreat estate nestled at the base of the foothills of Los Padres National Forest in Ojai, California. Dubbed the "Happy Valley" by Travel + Leisure magazine, Ojai offers the perfect combination of serene natural beauty, unique shopping and delectable dining. 

This is truly one of our favorite gathering spaces, where every detail is exquisitely attended to and arranged.

All meals and snacks, which will be vegetarian, organic, and ayurvedic-inspired, created by the talent behind PranafulMeredith Sarah Klein. All but one dinner will be provided on-site. 

Daily creative activities, projects and guided discussions, all facilitated and held by your guides, with wide open spaces of free time interspersed throughout.

Jen, Jennette and Christine have 40+ combined years of experience leading circles and holding spaces, having led workshops, retreats, classes and ceremonies all over the country. You will be in the care of three women whose life work has been driven by a passionate belief in the energy, magic and beauty that comes alive when women gather together.

Goodies, treasures and offerings - our favorite part of these gatherings! We love hunting for and collecting all the tiny mementos you get to take home with you.


You belong here if your body, mind, and soul need to disconnect from the buzz of traffic, information, noise, errands, laundry, and social media.

You belong here if your spirit soars at the idea of sitting quietly in a circle of like-minded women - creating, sharing, exploring, pondering, and musing on what is most potent and precious to our soul's growth and expansion.

You belong here if you feel called to connect with the legacy of women throughout history and the world who have spent hours upon hours upon hours in the sacred space of collective creativity, where intimacy and trust are woven together amidst bowls of herbs, jars of paint, piles of fabric, and trails of ribbon.

You belong here if you are ready for a deep-sea dive into the warm, bubbly waters of exquisite self-care, where the greatest encouragement you'll receive is to Take Care Of You.

We've created this gathering to nourish the soul - to soak in healing waters, laugh, explore, and gently place our dreams in a safe circle where they will be held and supported, celebrated and pushed forward. We believe in the transformative power of creativity and the metamorphic magic that happens when women convene in a safe, soulful environment. We believe in delicious food, unbridled artistic expression, deep intuitive listening and intimate conversations by candlelight. 

"Wild Roots Sacred Wings:  A sacred space to practice trust and letting go, a space to do all of the soul work you didn't yet know needed to be done."

{Amanda Jennings, Bartlesville, OK}


Private Deluxe - King Bed, Private Room, Private Bathroom - $2595

Safari Tent* - Single Bed, Private Space, Semi-Private Bathroom - $2395

* These cozy spaces actually have two single beds in them, so if you'd like to bunk up with your bestie, just say the word and we'll get it all worked out for you (with a nice discount!)

Shared Triple - Single beds, Shared Room, Private Bathroom - $2195

Semi-Private Double - Single beds, Shared Room, Shared Bathroom - $1995

Shared Group - Single Beds, Shared Room, Shared Bathroom - $1895


The creation of a safe, intimate space to share your most deeply-held dreams, visions and longings.

Support, tools and encouragement to create and expand a life of meaning and full personal expression.

Opportunities for rest, relaxation and restoration - time away from digital noise, to do lists and laundry.


Connection, community, sisterhood

Creation, meditation, intuition

Ceremony, prayer, solitude