Love, Gratitude and Affirmation...

"Wild Roots, Sacred Wings answered a prayer I didn't have the words to form. It was a delicious feast for my mind, body, and soul that took place in a circle of kindred spirits. Our talented guides shared ways to deepen our awareness of what is most sacred to each of us, and held space for us to explore how we can manifest those things in our everyday lives. I continue to use these tools almost daily with a greater appreciation for my life and those with whom I share it. I am eternally grateful I answered the call to attend this beautiful retreat!

{Anna Oginsky, Brighton, MI, Creator of Heart ConnectedBrighton, MI}

"Wrapping language around my experience is somehow limiting, because in five short days I was able to feel truly realized, loved, limitless and joyful. This soul realization is held by the magic of our three sister/teachers and the thoughtful intention they infuse in all aspects of the experience. All I knew before going is that I needed to get out of my own way and be open to sisterhood and care. I had never attended a retreat nor was I aware of what was in store. As a stressed out single mom executive, I asked the Universe for more and in that breath, I was invited to attend Wild Roots, Sacred Wings. It has changed my life. I now know the state of peace I need to be seeking regularly, and I've gained a circle of sister inspiration and sacred reminders to continue the journey of becoming who I am meant to be. There was a magic in the chemistry of my experience that will nourish me forever."

{Amy Elkins, Culver City, CA}

"The Wild Roots Sacred Wings retreat nourished my body and mind and stoked the creative spark in my heart beyond my wildest dreams! My roots - the foundation of my life's purpose and happiness, of health, creativity, and sacred community - were fed by amazing Ayurvedic meals, meaningful and fun crafting projects, and hanging out with fabulous like-hearted souls. 

The gifts from this retreat continue to nourish me and my practice as a yoga teacher, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor and writer. Wild Roots Sacred Wings reminded me of the necessity and joy of embellishing my life with crafting - a sacred creative expression of my soul. For me, it's as elemental as eating the right foods and practicing yoga. I highly encourage anyone who is in interested in being embraced by the beauty of nature, salt pools, art, food, sacred circle sharing, and amazing women to give themselves the gift of this retreat."

{Kellen Brugman, Santa Barbara, CA} 

"Wild Roots Sacred Wings:  A sacred space to practice trust and letting go, a space to do all of the soul work you didn't yet know needed to be done."

{Amanda Jennings, Bartlesville, OK}

Wild Roots, Sacred Wings was a gift I gave myself . . .one I knew would be wrapped in the loving care of our three generous leaders. Otherwise, I didn’t know what I’d find inside that beautiful package. But from the moment I arrived at the beautiful nest we’d call home for the next few days, I knew I’d gifted myself an extraordinary experience.

I was surrounded by lovebirds who’d flown far and wide. Every woman was a welcoming spirit. Each of us was filled with anticipation and wonder for what was to unfold.  

Each day, we woke to beautiful surprises left at our door. We were nourished by beautiful and nutritious food. There, we each bravely explored our own passionate hearts and witnessed others open to their wilder feminine soul.  

Each night, I was lulled asleep by gentle stories and laughter spilling into the hallways, while the moon rose silently overhead. I heard owls, I heard coyotes, I heard giggles, I heard a few tears.

There were warm waters to float in and restful sways on a hammock. There were energizing walks and even a sip or two of wine.

Since leaving, I feel more awake to my own inner knowing - and a touch more WILDI’ll never forget these women or this experience. This is truly a gift - a gift for life.

{Tracie Hanson, My Blooming Life, Huntington Beach CA}