The three of us have talked quite a bit about our reticence to provide a full, detailed outline of everything that's in store for those who choose to gather with us this July in Ojai. On the one hand, we know having more information sometimes means the decision-making process is easier; on the other hand, we love the idea of creating a small, 15-member community with a magic concoction of experience, trust, well-honed intentions and a wee dash of mystery. Over the course of a wide array of experiences we've had as space-holders and retreat mavens, we have developed a powerful appreciation of and devotion to the magic, unknown element that always ends up being the real driving force behind these gatherings. In other words, we can outline, plan and organize all day long - and we can share or not share as many details in our publicity material as we see fit - but at the end of the day, the life force behind our circles doesn't really wake up until we are all together. And it is that particularity we want to express, promote and convey more than any other, which means the choice to be just a tiny bit vague about the specific activities and goodies we have in store for everyone is a very conscious act. 

Time and again, we have each witnessed and experienced the wildly unexpected connections, revelations, transformations and epiphanies that take place when a small group of women devoted to the care of their soul gather for five days in a safe, comfortable, creative environment. We are each well aware that while we provide the foundation and the framework, the real work of creating a more permanent home for the sisterhood the comes together happens for reasons we could have never ever predicted or anticipated.

We create these retreats because we believe in them - we know the potential they hold, and that we can't take all the credit for the powerful ways they transform and inspire. That honor goes to everyone who makes the leap, shows up and is fully present to whatever bubbles forth while we're together. Should you choose to join us, we want you to come with the knowledge that your presence is going to make a difference, and have an impact that will likely surprise you. You will make a connection you weren't expecting, and find a new perspective you might not even have been seeking. We only have a few spots left, and one of them just might be for you. Whoever you are, we can't wait to meet you, and watch your spirit soar.

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