NEWS FLASH:  Only 3 spaces are available! If you've been pondering joining us in July, now is the time to say YES!

Your Invitation to Our Radical Radical Self-Care Coven…

What are you yearning for and craving?  That elusive extra hour of morning sleep or a guilt-free mid-day nap?  The gentle heat of the sun kissing your bare skin while no one demands a thing from you?  Beautifully catered, nourishing meals that you don’t have to cook or clean up after? Comic relief and doubling over in laughter with a side of giggle-snort?  

What will refresh and restore you?  A luxurious massage followed by a hot tub soak? A vigorous solo sunrise hike?  Time and space to spread out, be creative, and deep dive with a circle of ever lovin’ wild women? A late night kitchen dance party sing-along amongst magic makers (dark chocolate included!)? 

You may say I’m a radical.  But I’m not the only one. If you nodded your head vigorously “YES” in response to any of the above questions (especially if to the point of potential whiplash) well then, you’re a radical too lovebug! And I would bet lots of dollars and all my pennies that you’d both advocate for and subscribe to experiencing these scenarios as an enjoyable, pleasurable and compassionate way to tend to your own well-being.   Just sayin.   Lookie here…

rad – i – cal 

noun: a person who advocates thorough or complete social reform; a member of a party or part of a party pursuing such aims. (self-care isn’t selfish or self-indulgent, it’s self-preservation)
synonyms: revolutionary, progressive, reformer, revisionist; militant, zealot, extremist, fanatic, diehard; informal: ultra “the woman taking a nap was a radical”

adjective: (esp. of change or action) relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough. (overwhelm yourself with love)                                                       synonyms: thoroughgoing, thorough, complete, total, comprehensive, exhaustive, sweeping, far-reaching, wide-ranging, extensive, across the board, profound, major, stringent, rigorous “radical self-care”

So, what do you think about joining our Wild Roots Sacred Wings Radical Radical Self-Care Coven?!  Our assembly is full of wise zealots, silly fanatics and stunning diehards who are experimenting with the controversial social reform that women’s self-care is a top notch priority.  We are a tender rabble who are well aware that if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. And we all swing and sway along the spectrum of self-care as a matter of primary concern, not as an afterthought once everyone else has been served, tucked in or taken care of.  We are a determined and committed gang who dare to be profoundly revolutionary by taking care of ourselves the way we take care of others – compassionately, generously and unashamedly. 

If you find yourself wearing thin, burnt out, overwhelmed or exhausted consider joining our troop for a week of rigorous sweeping radical radical self-care.  And if you are already a radical radical self-care pro, come share your tips with us! Show us how it’s done!  We plan to thoroughly and rightfully indulge in a rush-free, stress-free, nourishing space of connection, creation and restoration, leaving us more centered, loving, and patient, enabling us to head home feeling more joyous, nurtured and grounded.  Our time together will be a healing balm for mind, body and spirit.  Come be radical with us, and relax.