{Photo by Jen Gray Blackburn}

{Photo by Jen Gray Blackburn}

Deep within me is a fiery glow – a passion for travel that leaves me feeling wild and breathless. It’s a quickening zeal that demands to be feed, and I am a cumulus of sinew, blood and bones that must move, go, get there, see, feel and experience.  I am a pyre - my head and heart combustible, aroused and ignited toward the end of wanderlust.  The impulse to venture, seek and explore - alive and accelerating - simultaneously possesses and unfurls me.  Travel is no longer an extra-curricular activity; it’s not exploration as an afterthought, it doesn’t lie outside of my regular duties and routine.  My explorations have become deliberate and calculated, intentional and reflective, methodical and premeditated.  I create ritual in the movement; it is travel as ceremony.

Travel as ceremony has the power to not only cradle my curiosity, but also uplift, amplify and magnify my inquisitiveness.  My eager wonderment, unchecked, grows exponentially, pulsing beyond my heart’s capacity as a space holder.  But travel, like a scared rite, cultivates and elevates my reverence, my ardent devotion to adventure, with all its mind-bending and heart-expanding edges, ballooning me to zeppelin size and bursting me wide open, my confetti insides drifting, floating and scattering on zephyrs worldwide.  Investigating new surroundings or familiar and beloved intimate spaces again through the lens of travel as ceremony offers layer after layer of intrigue, stimulation, re-membering and enchantment.  When I channel and intend travel as ceremony, I effectively knock off conventional standards while confirming my unique sense of identity, allowing me to deepen and sink into my incomparable purpose, unleashing my greater wholeness.

You may be brought to your knees when you travel as ceremony but you will when you make your wish, say your prayer and leave your offering, your journey to the next act of adventurous worship will have already begun – the journey to your spirit and your soul’s deepest calling.