Autumn. I can feel her cool touch on the inside of my wrists and the back of my neck already. She’s swirling in with an offering, a bedazzled carpet of jewel tones, the fallen deciduous leaves arranged by her billowy breath. Her brisk kisses prompt me to order our winter wood delivery and I stack it all neatly in our shed, ensuring we’ll have warmth that stretches beyond these last days of summer.  She signals the need to buy new school supplies, attend parent meetings and purchase new school clothes as twice weekly soccer practice kicks in.  She indicates the ensuing hustle and bustle after the ease and looseness of summer. She hints at the return to alarm clocks, schedules, routines, chauffeuring, school lunches, crockpot dinners, Saturday morning soccer games, and homework.  

Autumn is my favorite season for spiritual reasons, but her alignment with the beginning of a new school year always throws me off my self-care game. It’s the whirlwind of *go, do, go, more, go, now* that topples me into survival mode, where I’m left grasping at straws trying to regain my self-care footing. Even in the conscious care-taking of my beloveds, I sometimes forget to put on my own oxygen mask first. How easily I forget that if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

In light of my own pitfalls and entanglements, I thought I would just reach out and offer a light at the end of the school frenzy tunnel. It’s no accident that Jen, Christine and I timed or Wild Roots Sacred Wings gathering in Ojai to coincide with that sweet spot of autumn, after the hullabaloo of school starting and before the mania of the big fall/winter holidays.  It's the perfect extra-long weekend for you to have a timeout, a break, a respite from the daily grind.

Believe me sister, we know it’s not easy to leave your family, to ask your partner to double up on duties, to ask friends and relatives to cover for all the tasks of love you perform every single day. But we also know what happens when strong, full-tilt women take a breather and chillax for a few days: magic happens.  And you deserve the mellow magic - yes, YOU. It’s an auspicious time as well, to realign with your sacred and trusted self care strategies, while you are held fully in a safe circle of sisters, who are all doing the same - reveling in self-care, immersed in *me* time.

October 9-14 we will gather in Ojai, at a luxury oasis in the hills, where our nourishing gourmet meals will be prepared for us while we restore and remember ourselves.  We have sacred crafting activities planned, all of which are optional, and we have built in plenty of free time to wander the nearby trails, sleep in, float in the pool, have a massage or shop in town at your leisure.

On this retreat you won't be cooking for anyone, driving carpool, doing laundry, grocery shopping or changing the cat litter box.  You wont have to use an alarm, take a shower, get out of your pajamas or brush your hair if you don't want to! You can relax or get wild, you can nap or dance, you can sing or be silent, it’s up to you.  We will provide the expansive space and atmosphere for you to rejuvenate, and you do with it what your heart and soul longs for. It’s that simple!

We have just two spots left and are gobsmacked by the spectacular coven of delightful ladybirds we have gathering so far! There is room by our fire for you too if your wild roots and sacred wings are called to gather.  Info and registration can be found here, and if the timing for this retreat isn’t right for you, consider joining our email list to be notified when our 2016 offerings are released.  We have some uncommon gatherings for adventurous souls in the works!  Stay tuned!