Medicine and messages come from all kinds of unusual places...

Medicine and messages come from all kinds of unusual places...

We've just dramatically reduced the cost of our NOLA retreat. Here's why...

Last year, on the day I flew to New Orleans for our WRSW retreat, I received a text message from Jen that the box of retreat supplies I'd shipped hadn't arrived as scheduled. While my husband navigated us along the Pacific Coast Highway on our way to LAX, I was frantically communicating with Jen and UPS as to the whereabouts of my package.

Another way to put it:  I was freaking out.

I planned it so carefully! So rationally! So methodically! But my plans were still all falling apart!

Except that they weren't. I didn't manage to retrieve the box until a few weeks after the retreat, but it actually all worked out fine. It wasn't the disaster I'd made it out to be.

This incident immediately came to be known as our very own Box Medicine.

It's so easy for me - for all three of us - to forget sometimes that this is exactly, precisely what being a creative entrepreneur is about. It's about navigating the twists and turns that come with a job that has no employee manual, established protocols or guarantees.

This job is about flexibility, freedom and the fun that can be had when we allow ourselves to be carried by the dream of our gatherings rather than attempt to control (and constipate) the entire process.

With that in mind, we came together this morning and talked about our plans for our upcoming NOLA retreat. We discussed what was truly important to us, and how we can best serve you - our sisters. We shared what we've distilled from your recent messages, feedback and questions, and we realized what we had in front of us was an opportunity to put the lessons from our Box Medicine into practice - mindfully, joyfully, in celebration of the fact that this is our job! These are the beautiful puzzles we get to figure out.

Without further ado, we're thrilled to share that the costs of our NOLA retreat have just been significantly reduced. The previous price range was $2595 - $2995, and it is now $1995 - $2395. And if you'd like to save an additional $250 to use towards airfare or meals, you can share a king bed with your bestie and both of you will receive the discount.

Thank you for trusting us, supporting us and joining us on these adventures. We hope you feel like we've heard you, and seen you and extended our invitation for you to join us even further.

All the updated information about our upcoming NOLA retreat is right here.